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Elegant Title

GMC 8 Passenger Quigley 4x4 and 6 passenger Yukon XL 4x4


My Rates

My Rates are Black and White
You don't need to go to my website and utilize an unwieldy process dependent on your destination, miles driven or number of occupants and baggage. 

I don't take deposits and I have no cancellation fee because "stuff happens" - once you confirm the booking-we'll be there. No payment will be taken until your trip is complete and you're 100 percent satisfied.  There are still companies where their word is their bond-BlackCoach is one of them.

My Rates are Simple

Airport to/from all Big Sky Resorts and Private Clubs: 5-6 passenger Yukon-$325 one way - $600 round trip;

8 passenger Van-$375 one way - $700 round trip.

Please Note:

Night rates for airport arrivals after 9 PM and pick up to the airport prior to 5 AM are set at a rate of $350 for the Yukon and $400 for the 8 passenger van.

Please Note:

The higher rate for the van will not be charged if you have five or less passengers and and the Yukon is already booked.

This rate remains the same regardless of the number of passengers - even if there are additional passengers or additional baggage that were not on the initial pickup (as long as there are no more than eight).  There are no additional fees for the use of a cargo trailer for luggage and ski gear, child seats or booster seats (I have two of each).

Other Destinations: Round trip mileage to: Chico Hot Springs 116; Butte 160 miles; West Yellowstone 180; Gardiner 175; Helena 180; Billings 300; Great Falls 360 and Missoula 390 miles. Round -trip rates to the above are 2.75 a mile, but I do negotiate on these longer trips.

Gratuities - Never Required - Never Expected - Always Appreciated.

Get in Touch

When making a request, please include your carrier, flight number, times of arrival/departure, number of passengers, estimate of luggage/ski gear, child/booster seats required, specific destination and any special requests.

Thanks for submitting!

BlackCoach LLC - Private Rides- Not Shared

You’ve attained financial security – shouldn’t you, your family and friends feel the same sense of security while traveling in Montana, often during inclement weather and hazardous winter road conditions?

With BlackCoach LLC, you can expect the following: 10% discount to Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and Nurses.​

  • Comfortable seating for up to 5 passengers (6 with three smaller passengers) in the Yukon XL 4x4 and up to eight passengers in the GMC Quigley 4x4 van.

  • Plenty of room for ALL your baggage requirements to include skis and snowboards in fully enclosed cargo trailers.

  • A driver who knows highway 191 to Big Sky and the roads to the Yellowstone Club, Spanish Peaks, Moonlight Basin and Big Sky Ski Resort intimately. 

  • A driver with a great work ethic who believes one should be early, on time, but NEVER late.


I just started BlackCoach LLC in January 2021 and hope to gain your confidence to transport you, your family and friends to private clubs and public resorts located in Big Sky, Montana or other designated destinations.  Much larger shuttle and limousine services require more drivers, many of whom may have little to no driving experience on Montana highways during hazardous winter conditions.

I’ve been driving Montana roads for twenty-four years and have an additional six years of driving experience in many other northern states to include the far north in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Please Note: Even if it's not with BlackCoach, book your return trips early. Private transports are limited and fill to capacity quickly.  If you have an early flight, you might also consider staying at a Bozeman hotel the night prior to departure during inclement weather conditions.  This will mitigate the possibility of missing flights due to severe road conditions in the canyon.

Van Inside Front to Back.jpg

Personal Background

Retired Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations (Felony Criminal /Counterintelligence Investigations and Executive Protection) 1989-2001; Contracted Anti-terrorism Instructor, U.S. State Department at U.S. Embassies worldwide 2002-2004; Armed Security Contractor with a U.S. Government Agency overseas 2004-2014; numerous executive protection winter and summer driving courses through the U.S. military, U.S. Government and private corporations.  Previously employed and vetted with the private Yellowstone Club Security Team.

Warm Regards,

Ron Minard


Customer Testimonials

My family and I were scheduled to leave Bozeman Airport at 8am on a Sunday morning. We had made reservations with Uber a few days ahead and thought we would have a ride. Friends we were traveling with had taken the vehicle we all rented back to the airport as they were leaving the day before. My family and I were going to hang out in downtown Bozeman for a day and thought we would not need transportation. Sunday morning we were prepared to leave however there was no Uber or Lyft available, no drivers even with a reservation made days prior. We called the local taxi service and again no drivers. There were no buses, we were in a jam. That is when my wife found BlackCoach and called. Ron answered the phone quickly and sensing our situation came right over to take us to the airport. His service is first class and he is most definitely a person I would trust to transport my family. This is a reliable service which can be hard to find in Bozeman and it is headed by an excellent person. Thank you Ron, when we return we will definitely call you.

Michael Trexler

Testimonial for 6/18 ride with Kelly and Nathan Steele from FLA


My husband and I were set to catch an early flight and had scheduled our Uber several days before to pick us up in the middle of the night. When the time came, no one showed up. We checked Lyft and called several local taxi services - nothing. The panic set in! My husband began searching online and found Ron and Black Coach, LLC. We gave him a call, at about 4am, and within 15 minutes, Ron arrived to pick us up, and took us right to the airport. He recognized the difficult position we were in and helped us get to the airport in time to make our flight. He literally saved us!! Not only was Ron professional and prompt, but the music on the ride was great and conversation was easy. We couldn’t thank Ron and Black Coach LLC enough, and when we make our yearly trip to the area we will definitely be calling him each and every time. Thanks Ron!!

Best driver ever! Thanks Ron.

Patrick Menard, Montreal

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GMC 8 Passenger Quigley 4x4

Lone Mountain

All of Montana's Ski resorts are special, Big Sky Ski Resort is one of the finest.

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